OT - Education for the health services of the future

Bodil Winther Hansen, Annette Sørensen, Anne Hove

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    OT - Education for the health services of the future

    This presentation offers knowledge about which qualifications the health services and OT practice in general demand from Occupational Therapists.
    The study was developed in a wider context of the constant reflection within higher education as a result of the rapid pace of change in society. The Faculty of Occupational Therapy in Copenhagen wanted to enable the graduates in the best possible way to meet the employers’ demands as to qualifications. Furthermore, the aim was to develop and guarantee the quality of the educations offered by University College Oeresund.
    To express the level of education to be achieved in terms of competences and learning outcome, the study was inspired by the tuning process of educational structures in Europe, which is part of the Bologna process to integrate higher education area in Europe.

    The study is based on literature studies, quantitative and qualitative methods suitable for uncovering demands of competences – i.e. generic as well as and subject-specific competences.
    Informants were sampled among OT professional leaders and the members of the board of governors at the Faculty of Occupational Therapy Copenhagen. Qualitative analysis was conducted according to Kvale (1997) which involved meaning condensation and interpretation at three levels; self-understanding, common sense and the theoretical level.

    Results: Uncovered actual and future demands of competences especially within the occupational therapy profession which can give guidelines and recommendations for future educational planning. And give some answers to which elements of the education are important to meet these demands?

    Kvale, Steinar(1997): Interview. En introduktion til det kvalitative forskningsinterview,
    Hans Reitzels Forlag.

    Annette Sørensen, OT Lecturer, Master in Learningprocesses
    Bodil Winther Hansen, OT Lecturer, Master in Human development and education
    Anne Hove , OT Lecturer, Master in Learningprocesses

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    StatusUdgivet - 2008
    BegivenhedEuropæisk kongres i Hamburg 22-25. maj 2008 - Hamborg, Tyskland
    Varighed: 22 maj 200825 maj 2008


    KonferenceEuropæisk kongres i Hamburg 22-25. maj 2008


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