Pædagogisk organisationsudvikling og kritisk refleksion - med henblik på bæredygtighed som udviklingsopgave i pædagoguddannelsen (masterafhandling)

Publikation: Kandidat/diplom/masterMasterForskning

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This thesis analyses the developmental task for social education, concerning
sustainable development as a social ethical and pedagogical challenge. My
reflections draw upon perspectives from educational philosophy, critical theory,
practice theory and transformative learning theory. Sustainability is interpreted as
an educational problem and purpose, that requires critical reflections on the
fundamental pedagogical and professional knowledge, as a foundation for
educational development. I interpret the consecutive reflection, discussion and
development, as a characteristic of the professional educational organization. In this
context I focus on the organizational space for critical reflection, as a decisive basis
for development and potential transformation of practice.
StatusUdgivet - 1 sep. 2023


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