Parenting Skillls in two Contexts: Working with Parenting Skills in Different Ways in Different Contetexts - What matters

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In modern welfare states it is becoming more and more common to work with parents in different set-tings with different goals and means (Miller, Skov & Larsen 2013) to improve their skills as parents. How do professionels work with parenting skills? What are their thoughts about methods and programs? In DK many municipals have picked pedagogical methods with reference to evidence based knowledge and encouraged by SocialStyrelsen (, where programs, such as “De utrolige år”, “Pals” and “MTFC” are recommended, to be implemented in parent programs. All those programs are inspired by the American Early Intervention-tradition (Vik 2014, p.2). The programs are characterized by behavioristic theory, where the underlying assumption is that parents will develop better parenting skills if they just follow a program with very detailed and prefabricated manuals. To do that, they need support from professionals to stick to the program and encourage the work. The empirical studies are investigating how an approach inspired by principles from ICDP in two different settings meets the challenges in practice? This program is not evident based in the same way as the others mentioned, but several evaluations show the potentials of the program. The focus of this study is what parents might learn about being good parents by joining a course.
Publikationsdato1 mar. 2015
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StatusUdgivet - 1 mar. 2015
BegivenhedNERA 2015 - Gøteborgs universitet, Gøteborg, Danmark
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KonferenceNERA 2015
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