Politiets håndtering af fodboldsupportere i Sverige. En evidensbaseret tilgang. enabling an evidence based approach

Clifford Stott, Jonas Havelund, Filip Lundberg, Sammyh Khan, Lise Joern, James Hogget, Kristian Rasmussen, Sara Vestergren

Publikation: Bog/antologi/rapport/kliniske retningslinjerRapportForskning


ENABLE is a research project that draws together an international network of key stakeholders and experts in football safety and security collaborating with more than 40 partners and stakeholders from both inside and outside Sweeden. The primary task of the project has been to undertake a programme of evidence gathering in order to analyse, identify and develop good
practice in the management of crowds attending Swedish Professional Football matches.

This is the first full report from the second phase of the ENABLE project with a specific focus on policing and stewarding on the basis of five field observations between March 6th and May 9th 2016.

The report provides a detailed, comprehensive, in depth and powerful review of the nature of the safety and security problems being confronted by Swedish top flight football and in so doing provides some critical analysis of existing practices, as well as exploring current strengths and opportunities for further development. One of the central issues that the report identifies are problems in terms of proactive verbal and friendly engagement from police ‘front line’ staff.
The report goes on to provide a series of recommendations for the future development of football policing in Sweden. Central to these is the empowerment and coordination of dialogue based approaches to the policing of football supporters in Sweden. The report points out that this is an area of crowd policing where Sweden are global leaders having influenced how policing is conducted in other countries such as the UK. The authors point positively to two relatively recent initiatives in this regard. “Both the development of the Event police concept” first created by the police in Helsingborg “and the Stockholm evenemangs police are two very promising initiatives that need further attention”. But Professor Stott and his team go on to highlight an important breakdown in the nationally coordinated policing reforms that took place following the riots in Gothenburg in 2001, referred to as the Special Police Tactic. They assert that “the police can benefit from nationally unified clear and coherent concepts, competency profiles and training framework” and this one of the central areas where the report recommends that police in Sweden should focus development moving forward.
Bidragets oversatte titelPolitiets håndtering af fodboldsupportere i Sverige. En evidensbaseret tilgang.
Antal sider50
StatusUdgivet - 1 aug. 2016