Pull, feel, and run: Signs of learning in kinesthetic activities in physics

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We investigate kinesthetic learning activities (KLAs) as a new learning technologies. Teachers may want to employ KLAs to have students use their own bodies in learning to construct an appropriate level of understanding of physics entities, interactions and representations. However, few studies have investigated what characterizes learning opportunities afforded through KLAs. Using a/v recordings, we investigate characteristics of two different KLAs: A pulling and a circular movement activity. In both activities, students enact Newtonian objects. Here we characterize typical levels of affordances: (1) Students 'oscillate' between playful behavior and focused reflective dialogue. (2) Students' ways to enact models afford opportunities for a teacher to ask questions that foster and direct further student engagement. (3) Students make sense of the KLAs by linking their intra- and interpersonal experiences to formal physics knowledge. Digital learning hardly affords the same opportunities as KLAs do for students to authentically arrive at bodily experiences.
Publikationsdato31 aug. 2014
StatusUdgivet - 31 aug. 2014
Udgivet eksterntJa
BegivenhedPhysics Education Research Conference 2014: Outpacing New Technologies with Novel Pedagogies: The Role of PER in the Transforming Landscape of Higher Education - The Common's Hotel, 615 Washington Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414, USA, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Varighed: 30 jul. 201431 jul. 2014


KonferencePhysics Education Research Conference 2014
LokationThe Common's Hotel, 615 Washington Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414, USA
ByMinneapolis, MN


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