(Re)tasting places

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What does geographical origin mean? It is an expression that associates food and wine with a specific place, an association embedded in the concept ‘terroir’ that refers to the complex interaction between a physical environment and local craftsmanship. It is a claim protected through labelling-schemes and a claim that adds value to the place-related foods. However, viewing the connection between food and place as a question of proving a relationship or as a matter of protecting commercial claims does not seem to provide a satisfactory account for the status of geographically designated foods as being particularly attractive

Central to the interest of this paper is to approach an understanding of geographical origin as a point of reference for taste. In terms of being sensory experience, taste is subjective. It is difficult to describe verbally and yet at the same time it is a trigger of the memory of past experience at an individual level and it constitutes a collective reference through expressions such as the ‘goût du terroir’. Setting out with conceptual challenges embedded in the legal and technical terms addressing geographical origin, this paper will address the constitutive processes of meaning
Publikationsdato15 sep. 2015
Antal sider8
StatusUdgivet - 15 sep. 2015