Revolutionary new way to train your brain! New thinking and creativity.

Bidragets oversatte titel: Revolutionerende ny måde at træne din hjerne på! Nye tænkemåder og kreativitet

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As our understanding of the brain increases, it brings new insights. The Training Program for New Thinking and creativity is a revolutionary new way to development personal thinking/behavior and organizational culture among eg. OT students, OT practitioner and lecturers.
It can be used for creating and for maintaining abilities and skills for new thinking - an important part of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. A continues training can change the cognitive ability and skills to think new both in the short term as well as for the rest of live as an occupational therapist.
The most complex structure in the universe lies inside each and every one of us. It is the human brain with billions of neurons. It is still not fully understood by science. The cognitive Training in new thinking occurs relatively rarely for the vast majority of the world population. Therefore, even very little training in new thinking can create major improvements in our ability for new thinking and occupational therapy.
Occupational science /Occupational therapy
 Practice
 Education
 Research
Our OT students are giving a pre-test and an after-test and have been training for a half year outside the curriculum one lesson per week. And now we can measure the impact of training. Our research and training program is being followed by Research Group for Unlimited Knowledge Application at Aalborg University, Denmark. We`ll arguments for how the training program can affect the OT practice and the OT education.
Knowledge of occupational therapy
 Occupational therapy process and professional reasoning
 Professional relationships and partnerships
 Professional autonomy and accountability
 Research and development in occupational therapy/ science
 Management and promotion of occupational therapy
This workshop will provide new teaching methods, approaches to learning, teaching, assessment and performance. Management and promotion of occupational therapy and knowledge of occupational therapy will be related issues in this workshop.
Bidragets oversatte titelRevolutionerende ny måde at træne din hjerne på! Nye tænkemåder og kreativitet
Publikationsdato23 okt. 2014
StatusUdgivet - 23 okt. 2014
BegivenhedENOTHE 2014 - Nijmegen, Holland
Varighed: 22 okt. 201425 okt. 2014


KonferenceENOTHE 2014