Scaffolding research-like laboratory projects for first year students

Rikke Frøhlich Hougaard, Birgitte Lund Nielsen

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Research-based teaching is the cornerstone of university teaching and is exerted in many different ways. A central part of research-based teaching relates to the scaffolding of students work in inquiry-based projects and guiding them in making sense of and using research literature in relation to these inquiries. During the first years of university teaching, research-based teaching is often challenged since first-year students do not yet have the qualifications to work with an authentic research project. However, there are reasons to believe that a key to develop their sense of belonging to the specific academic field of science and technology at the university, is to include them in collaborative work with research-like methods and with content from current and authentic research. The present paper discusses findings from re-designing two first year courses in chemistry and biotechnology, respectively. Both courses are situated in the second semester and students are expected to work with authentic research in the form of research papers and engage in laboratory work with research-like activities. The courses have been redesigned informed by e. g. previous course evaluations from students. Applying a design-based research methodology, the redesigns are illustrated, substantiated and discussed in the first part of the findings. Following this, data from pre- and post-lab questionnaires are presented discussing what the students report as outcomes/challenges. The findings will be discussed in relation to the development of students sense of belonging to the field of science and technology and of graduate attributes such as collaboration and experimental design.
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StatusUdgivet - 2019
BegivenhedESERA: 2019 - Bologna, Bologna, Italien
Varighed: 26 aug. 201930 aug. 2019




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