Science Teacher’s pedagogical content knowledge regarding engineering.

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In Denmark approximately 100 teachers from four municipalities has during 2018 had an introductory training to infusion of engineering challenges and approaches into science education. The critical question raised here is: what kinds of engineering PCK is built and enacted as part of this introductory TPD? To answer this question we have been doing theoretical reflections and empirical studies. Theoretically, we have devised a E-PCK-framework, combining general PCK conceptions by Magnusson et al (1999) and Loughran et al (2006, CoRe) with engineering knowledge, e.g. from Yu et al (2012). We have collected rich data from participating teachers, including data from surveys, teachers selfreports, observations and interviews. We have selected 10 diverse cases for closer analysis in order to address our research question. Survey data for each case has been studied and along with all other qualitative data subsequently was entered to Nvivo. Deductive coding using our theoretical framework was a starting point for the analysis, but the coding process also invoked development of categories and extension of the framework.The session will present preliminary data, analysis and reflections as the process is still ongoing. The session will then open for the participants to comment and add their experiences with implementing engineering in their school systems. The joint reflections will be facilitated by the presenters.
Publikationsdato26 apr. 2019
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StatusUdgivet - 26 apr. 2019
BegivenhedEuropean Teacher Education Network: TIG TEACHING AND LEARNING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Katalonien, VIC, Spanien
Varighed: 25 apr. 201927 apr. 2019


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