Self-Determination Theory and students' view on the relation to their teacher

Louise Klinge Nielsen

    Publikation: Konferencebidrag uden forlag/tidsskriftAbstraktForskning


    In my qualitative ph.d.-project about teacher-student-relations I have observed and videorecorded four fifth grade, sixth grade and seventh grade teachers at two different schools. I have followed each teacher for 3 weeks and interviewed them several times along with 50 of their pupils. The aim of the project is to develop methods that can support the development of teachers' professional relational competence both in the teacher education and in teacher training in Denmark. (The 'relationel competence' is the ability to create constructive relations to each pupil and the class as a whole that supports the pupils' academic and human development.)
    The statements of the 50 pupils show that what is most important to them in the relationship to the teacher, is the experience of being significant.

    According to Self Determination Theory people have 3 psychological needs – for autonomy, competence and relatedness. When the 3 needs are supported, people thrive and develop in a healthy way. The theory is a very constructive perspective in explaining the pupils' desire for being significant to their teacher.
    In my presentation I will demonstrate the connection between the Self Determination Theory and my data by showing videorecordings of 2 situations from my classroom observations. One situation where a teacher thwarts the 3 psychological needs and a situation where another teacher is able to support all 3 needs at the same time.
    A comparison of the 2 videorecordings, the Self Determination Theory and the student-interviews will bring a deeper understanding of the significance of the teacher’s ability to support the students’ basic needs – for their self-asteem and for their motivation to learn.
    Publikationsdato11 sep. 2013
    StatusUdgivet - 11 sep. 2013