Signs of learning: Differentiated teaching in relation to students motivation and learning outcome A program theory based evaluation in 5th and 6th grades

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Keywords: Differentiated teaching, motivation, attention, participation, self-reliance, program theory based evaluation.
This evaluation is implemented in two sections.The first part is an intervention which intends to develop teacher ability to implement differentiated measures in education. The second part, and the main issue here, is how differentiated teaching can strengthen or weaken the attention, participation and self-reliance of the students and consequently have an impact on their motivation and learning outcomes. The evaluation is carried out in the subjects Danish, Mathematics and Science.
The main hypothesis claims correlation between the following four phases and actions: a) teacher planning and b) the teacher's presentation of the topic and c) students' exercises / their own collaboration and the teacher’s scaffolding, and d) student performance in terms of presentations or tests.

The preliminary results show some tendencies which are decisive in relation to increase or decrease students' attention, participation and self-reliance. On teacher planning (a): An analysis of the technical difficulties that non-confident students might face carried out proactively. Re-designed opportunities offered to confident or non-confident students. Multimodal presentation when opening the topic for the class. On teacher's presentation (b): Use of multimodal elements. Offer multiple paths into the subject. Formulate task in clear relation to the formulation in the actual learning material. On students' exercises / collaboration and teacher's scaffolding (c): Immediate help in the form of teacher scaffolding (eg, frustration control and demonstration), help from other students, the help of self-instructional learning material elements or help from their own resources.

We do not have any strong documentation regarding the last stage (d). We do, however, have heuristic results about the impact of teacher planning and teacher presentation and the students motivation in the lessons.

The presentation will focus on general results, on empirical findings from Mathematics and on some methodological aspects and ideas when using theory based evaluation.
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StatusUdgivet - 2014
BegivenhedDesigns for learning 2014: Expanding the field - Campus Konradsberg, Stockholms Universitet, Stockholm, Sverige
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KonferenceDesigns for learning 2014
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