#SportsBiz trends for 2020 - Kenneth Cortsen talks to ADC Partners' Andy Dallin & Dave Almy - Part 1

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This podcast looks into the business of sports and strives to answer how the business of sports differs from other industries and where to find commonalities. The discussion also takes a critical perspective to whether the business of sports is sustainable from an economic standpoint, if it is merely a cultural institutionalization or a combination of the two? Finally, the podcast moves into a dialogue about the sports business trends for 2020 and the importance of such trends and how they influence the money flow in the industry. These trends may range from 'over the top/OTT' content, e.g., displayed by Amazon's investments in its Prime and Twitch (streaming of eSport) brands, to the quality of influencer marketing in the modern era. The depth of knowledge reflected in the podcast is emphasized by the constant comparison between the eye for modern data-driven approaches to sports business and the content and narratives driven by the analogue and unscripted charm of live sporting events.

Andy and Dave own and run the sports business consulting agency ADC Partners. Andy and Dave share a long journey of mutual sports business experiences and hold much expertise regarding the commercial trends in the sports industry. They have worked for and with major league teams, been adjunct professors and also touched ground with brands that apply sports as a promotional platform.
Publikationsdatojan. 2020
StatusUdgivet - jan. 2020


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