Stille nu - hører du: Om at gribe sygeplejestuderendes væren og eksistentielle dimension i vejledning

Publikation: Kandidat/diplom/masterKandidatspecialeForskning

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With the lived understanding and a background assumption, that the dimension of
being has importance in terms of how the student nurse takes care of their patients, this thesis analyse and discuss how we can understand and work with the
dimension of being in counselling, during the nursing education.
The thesis takes its stand from a phenomenological-hermeneutical approach and
investigate how this approach can contribute to our counselling activities, when the
purpose is to touch the student nurses concrete way of being.
As there at the moment is a discussion going on between constructivistic and
phenomenological-hermeneutic counsellors, the thesis also investigate the
differences between these approaches, when it comes to the dimensions of being
and counselling.
StatusUdgivet - 2009


  • eksistens
  • sygeplejestuderende
  • væren
  • vejledning