Strategic move from line manufacturing to systems integration in the offshore wind power sector

Ivan Neri, Ram Narasimhan

Publikation: Working paper/preprintWorking paper


Purpose – The offshore wind power sector is experiencing industry and market pressures . This article aims to address the need for integration in its supply chain to increase its competitiveness against other mature energy sectors. This objective is pursued by the development of a context dependent understanding of how supply chain integration (SCI) can be used in this industry.
Methodology – This article uses a single case study approach, complemented with analogical and inductive reasoning, to perform a cross-case comparison to identify the similarities across Boeing’s Dreamliner development program and the current situation of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the offshore wind industry (OWI).
Findings – This work identifies the dimensions of SCI that are present in the process of trans-forming from being an airplane manufacturer into a systems integrator. It also presents the changes that Boeing implemented during the process and suggests a set of steps that a hypothetical OEM in the OWI should follow to move from a line manufacturing environment into a project-based one in order to promote the integration and competitiveness of the industry.
Research limitations –The article utilizes a single case study. The findings need to be corroborated with additional case studies or empirical research. Additionally, we have used secondary data on Boeing to conduct the study .
Practical implications – The suggested process for becoming an integrator of systems is complex and large in scope. We have illustrated and explained this process for a hypothetical firm moving from being an OEM in the OWI to becoming a systems integrator.
Originality/value – The concepts explicated in this study, if investigated further, should prove to be useful to an industry that is still in its early stages. The conclusions of this article lay the foundation for developing theory concerning the applicability of the dimensions of SCI in projects.
StatusUnder udarbejdelse - 2020


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