Subject related teaching in udeskole (outdoor school): Prevalence of problem based teaching in Mathematics and Science in udeskole, an observation study.

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    Subject related teaching in udeskole In this symposium, subject related teaching on a regular basis in the outdoors, known as udeskole will be described and discussed. Based on recent and ongoing research and development, the education taking the place of teaching into account of the learning process will be the cornerstone of this seminar. Udeskole is described as a holistic, child centered pedagogy, activating the pupils hands, heart and heads. In this symposium, emphasis will be laid upon the subject related and subject specific elements of udeskole. Firstly, the prevalence of udeskole will identify the necessity of doing research into the field, as 18,4% of all Danish schools is shown to have one or more classes working with udeskole (Barfod et al, 2016). Secondly, the subject related teaching in the outdoors will be exemplified by four research projects. First, the subject ‘Danish’ in Teaching mother tongue in the outdoors, to read and teach literature on places in secondary and high school (Eggersen, 2016). Secondly, Art and aesthetics learning in the outdoors, how can place based art and relational aesthetics as selected artistic practices be an inspiration and a role model for the development of outdoor education? Thirdly the cooperation between formal and informal learning institutions in History and Last the methodology used in Mathematics and Science outdoors as revealed by a qualitative observation study (Barfod, unpublished results). The key notes emphasizing subject centered teaching in the outdoors will be supplemented with recent research upon barriers for using external learning environments ‘the open school’ in Skive Muncipiality. Closing the seminar will be a presentation of the national Danish Network UdeskoleNet and its application. Sources: Barfod, K., Ejbye-Ernst, N., Mygind, L., & Bentsen, P. (2016). Increased provision of udeskole in Danish schools: An updated national population survey. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 20, 277–281. Eggersen, D. V. Afsted med jer!: Stedbaseret læsning som litteraturpædagogisk metode 20 jul. 2016 in Genrepædagogik : - og andre nye veje i læse- og skriveundervisningen. Christensen, M. V. (red.). 1 udg. København: Hans Reitzel, Vol. 1, s. 195-214 19 s. 9 Andersen, Kirsten Bak: Landskabet som undervisningssted. Landskabet som motiv, landskabet som materiale. Billedpædagogisk Tidsskrift, 2009 nr. 2 s.26-29
    Publikationsdato30 maj 2017
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    StatusUdgivet - 30 maj 2017
    BegivenhedThe 6th NoFa-conference 2017: : Interplay between general and subject specific knowledge about teaching and learning in school and teacher education – perspectives and challenges. - University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Danmark
    Varighed: 29 maj 201731 maj 2017
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    KonferenceThe 6th NoFa-conference 2017
    LokationUniversity of Southern Denmark


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