Substance Use, Dental Hygiene, and Physical Activity in Adult Patients with Single Ventricle Physiology

Anne-Marie Voss Schrader

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    Substance Use, Dental Hygiene, and Physical Activity in Adult Patients with Single Ventricle Physiology.

    Overgaard D, Schrader AM, Lisby KH, King C, Christensen RF, Jensen HF, Moons P.

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    The study aims to describe substance use, dental hygiene, and physical activity in adult survivors with single ventricle physiology (SVP) and to compare the behaviors with matched controls, while the patients are particularly at risk for general health problems.

    The present study is part of a larger research project on long-term outcomes in adult patients with SVP. A cross-sectional, case-control study including 59 patients out of 83 eligible patients participated in the study (response rate 71%). The patients were matched to 172 healthy controls. A questionnaire was mailed to the patients. Nonresponders did not differ significantly from the included participants on age, gender, or physical function.

    The study was conducted at the Heart Center of Copenhagen University Hospital or the Department of Cardiology, Aarhus University Hospital.

    In these patients, 85% report alcohol consumption (92% in controls; odds ratio [OR] = 0.91; P = 0.575); 26% admit "binge drinking" (41% in controls; OR = 0.56; P = 0.041); 20% are cigarette smokers (36% in controls; OR = 0.59; P = 0.100); 12% have used cannabis over the past year (15% in controls; OR = 0.80; P = 0.596); 20% have had no dental visits during the last year (25% in controls; OR = 1.07; P = 0.684); 46% are not flossing their teeth (32% in controls; OR = 1.32; P = 0.239); and 39% are not physically active (24% in controls; OR = 1.63; P = 0.069).

    While in general there was no significant differences in overall health behaviors between SVP patients and controls, SVP patients are less physically active and are less likely to binge drink.

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    TidsskriftCongenital Heart Disease
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    StatusUdgivet - 13 maj 2013


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