Supply chain integration in construction projects: The case of the offshore wind farm construction sector

Publikation: Working paper


Most academic studies of supply chain integration (SCI) have taken large-scale manufacturing environments as their source of empirical data. The present article aims to find the applicability of the dimensions of SCI in the context of project manufacturing environments by analysing the network relationship of the participants in the construction of an offshore wind farm. The findings suggest that, although some of the dimensions of SCI in large-scale manufacturing environments might have similar applications in projects, some others might be unique to the context of large construction endeavours. Practical implications are that, contrary to suggestions to relax the for-mal aspect of the partnership with the aim of improving the collaborative relationships, keeping the formality by means of contracts and non-disclosure agreements seems to be necessary for projects with a considerable amount of resources at stake. The results cannot be generalised as only one industry was studied.
StatusUnder udarbejdelse - 2020