Support of information and communication technology in rehabilitation after stroke: physiotherapists' and occupational therapists' perspectives

Mille Nabsen Marwaa, Hanne Kaae Kristensen, Susanne Guidetti, Charlotte Ytterberg

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To explore the perspectives of how physiotherapists (PTs) and
occupational therapists (OTs) use information and communication
technologies (ICT) and see new potentials for ICT to enable
a person-centred rehabilitation process after stroke.
Two qualitative semi structured focus-group interviews were
carried out. Four PTs and five OTs from different sectors participated.
Data was analyzed using a grounded theory approach.
Results: Three subcategories were identified from the analysis of interviews with participants: 1) ICT and apps as meaningful and supportive in the rehabilitation process, 2) ICT as communication and documentation devices and 3) Barriers to the integration ICT and apps in the rehabilitation process. From these categories one core category emerged: ICT integration and a personalized app solution to facilitate coherent, person-centred rehabilitation.
It was perceived as important to integrate ICT in stroke rehabilitation for assessment, training and to compensate for remaining deficits. The development of a personalized app solution could accommodate stroke survivors’ and significant others’ need for insight into and overview over the rehabilitation process as well as access to relevant information, which would thereby empower them. Furthermore, a personalized app solution could also facilitate follow-up after discharge and was perceived to ease the communication and documentation within and between sectors, as well as communication with both stroke survivors and significant others.

Implications for rehabilitation
• It is important that physiotherapists and occupational therapists integrate ICT in stroke rehabilitation, since ICT is a great part of people’s lives today and can promote a coherent, person-centred rehabilitation process.
• A personalized app solution that can provide insight into and an overview of the rehabilitation process, and promote communication between sectors is recommended.
Publikationsdato14 nov. 2019
StatusUdgivet - 14 nov. 2019
BegivenhedAdvances in Health Care Sciences Conferences - Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sverige
Varighed: 13 nov. 201914 nov. 2019


KonferenceAdvances in Health Care Sciences Conferences
LokationKarolinska Institutet


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