Systematic review: A method to promote nursing students skills in evidence based practice

Helle Enggaard, Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt (Redaktør)

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Systematic review a method to promote nursing students skills in Evidence Based Practice

Department of nursing educate students to practice Evidence Based Practice (EBP), where clinical decisions is based on the best available evidence, patient preference, clinical experience and resources available. In order to incorporate evidence in clinical decisions, nursing students need to learn how to transfer knowledge in order to utilize evidence in clinical decisions. The method of systematic review can be one approach to achieve this in nursing education.

As an associate lecturer I have taken a Comprehensive Systematic Review Training course provide by Center of Clinical Guidelines in Denmark and Jonna Briggs Institute (JBI) and practice in developing a systematic review on how patients with ischemic heart disease experiences peer support. This insight and experience with systematic review is used to develop didactic practice end evidence based teaching in different part of the education.

The poster will present how teacher’s training and experiences with systematic review contribute to the nursing education in relation to didactic, research methodology and patient and nurse related content. Hands on experiences with systematic review are used to bridge the gap between theory and practice, when teaching in the method of narrative review. In nursing classes reviews are integrated with other sources of evidence in order to enhance students reflection on how different sources of evidence influence EBP. Furthermore teachers skills in systematic review will be used to develop systematic reviews on topics in the education where there aren’t any in order to promote Evidence Based Teaching.
Publikationsdato16 jun. 2016
Antal sider1
StatusUdgivet - 16 jun. 2016
BegivenhedNordic Conference in Nursing Research 2016: Methods and Networks for the Future - Stockholm, Sverige
Varighed: 15 jun. 201617 jun. 2016


KonferenceNordic Conference in Nursing Research 2016


  • Uddannelse, professioner og erhverv
  • evidence Based Practice
  • nursing education
  • nursing students
  • systematic Review