The College Education Project: the story of how a passionate storyteller and organizational change

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In Aalborg, Denmark, teaching at the Universities and Colleges evolves around Problem Based Learning (PBL) and therefore in their works students often make use of case studies drawn from real problems from the world outside the University and often they work as problem-solvers in one-semester internships at the end of their Masters-degree. A systemized partnership between student and the Public sector should then in reality be a perfect match?
In this paper I will analyse the different perceptions and realities that challenges the concept of an “on the paper” great project. I will tell the story about one particular project and look into why it might be killed and on the other hand, how it might be possible to developed the experience into brand new initiatives. But first and foremost I will chase the answer to the question of what language, new stories and narratives that has to be constructed to create a project that contains both the reality of the Public Sector and the students.
TitelStorytelling Scholarship : Beyond Sensemaking and Social Constractivist Narrative
ISBN (Trykt)0-9778135-7-6
StatusUdgivet - 2012
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