The planning of using empowering coaching with the Danish Under 17 national women team

Bidragets oversatte titel: Planerne om at anvende empowering coaching på det danske U17 pigelandshold

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    Purpose: To describe the plans of using Empowering coaching with the Danish under 17 national women team. Theoretical approach: Within Empowering coaching it is emphasized that the motivational climates created by significant others (coaches) matter, in terms of quality of the sport experiences of the players. Motivational climate is a multidimensional approach and can be more or less empowering or disempowering. An empowering environment is one that is task-involving, autonomy supportive, and socially supportive. In contrast, a disempowering environment would be highly ego-involving and controlling. Empowering Coaching presents and facilitates coaches discussing and illustrating “on the pitch” training techniques and strategies that they can employ to create a more empowering and less dis-empowering climate in training and competitive situations (Duda, 2013). Method: To implement empowering coaching within the teamrequires a focus on WHAT which can be emphasise during training and matches, WHY or reasons for players engagement and the HOW regarding coaches’ influence on the players (Duda, 2013). Procedure: Within the coaching group revolving the team a focus on the principles behind the WHAT, WHY and HOW will be implemented during the coming season. The aim is to develop coaches’ conceptual understanding of motivation, motivation processes, and their consequences. More specifically the coaches will be introduced to Empowering coaching discuss the use and give examples on how these principles can be implemented. When working with the players the approach of Empowering coaching will be discussed during the evaluation after training and matches. Expected results: The expected result is to find an empowering motivational climate at the Danish Under 17 national women team. This will be evaluated using Empowering and Disempowering Motivational Climate Questionnaire (EDMCQ-C) (Appleton, Ntoumanis, Quested, & Viladrich, 2015).
    Bidragets oversatte titelPlanerne om at anvende empowering coaching på det danske U17 pigelandshold
    Publikationsdato10 jun. 2019
    StatusUdgivet - 10 jun. 2019
    BegivenhedFootball par et pour les femmes
    état des lieux et perspectives
    - Lyon, Frankrig
    Varighed: 20 jun. 201922 jun. 2019


    KonferenceFootball par et pour les femmes
    état des lieux et perspectives


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