The policy framework, policy formation and policy actors in Aalborg

Lena Kjeldsen, Per H Jensen, Anne Juul Pedersen

Publikation: Bog/antologi/rapport/kliniske retningslinjerRapportForskning


The FLOWS project has been funded under the EU FP7 program, grant Agreement no: 266806.
The project started January 1 2011 and ended April 30 2014.
The FLOWS project analyses the causes and effects of women’s labour market integration, which is an issue that represents a major challenge for the European Union and its member states, and is supposedly also a precondition for the sustainability of the European social model. The overall aim is to analyse (1) how local welfare systems support women’s labour market participation, as well as (2) the extent to which (and under which conditions) female labour market integration has contributed to the strengthening social cohesion. The project focuses on how public and private welfare services such as care and lifelong learning intended to support women’s labour market integration have been designed; on how women of different classes, qualifications, ethnicities, and geographical locations have grasped and made use of such policies, and on how the increase in women’s labour market integration has affected structures of inequality and social cohesion.
StatusUdgivet - 2014
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