Trivselspersoners arbejde med at fremme unges mentale sundhed: Et realistisk systematisk review

Kristina Højgaard, Jeanne Ovesen, Thomas Thyrring Engsig, Charlotte Overgaard

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftsartikelForskningpeer review


Internationally, mental health among students have been intensively studied for many years as poor mental health and wellbeing among this group constitutes an increased challenge. To meet students’ poor mental health, wellbeing coordinators are employed worldwide in schools. The objective of this study is to establish systematic knowledge, through systematic block searches, that contributes to generate insight, inform and qualify the intervention as a wellbeing coordinator and to synthesize what it is about the intervention that is working, for whom and under what circumstances in mental health promotion at secondary schools. Realistic methodology was used as a basis for this realist systematic review. The synthesis is based on several context (C) - mechanisms (M) - outcome (O) configurations and the most prominent shows that targeted education of wellbeing coordinators is essential for a successful work on young people's mental health when the wellbeing coordinator has a mentor in the first period of the employment, when there is a balance between demands and competencies and when it is possible to test knowledge and gain experience. Furthermore, leader support, the school environment and cooperation across professions has CMO configurations that has substantial emphasis in the work of students’ mental health. By knowing the configurations of contexts and mechanisms that causes wellbeing coordinators work to increase mental health among secondary students, the contribution of this review lies within its ability to understand, inform and qualify future implementation of interventions and to decrease the gap of knowledge that lies within the effective mechanisms of the intervention.
Bidragets oversatte titelTrivselspersoners arbejde med at fremme unges mentale sundhed: Et realistisk systematisk review
TidsskriftSchool Effectiveness and School Improvement
StatusAfsendt - 5 okt. 2020


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