Using rituals to bid farewell. A qualitative study of the meaning of rituals for those who lost a loved one

Karen Marie Sangild Stølen

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    This project is an investigation of the significance of rituals in connection with death of a loved one. Rituals are understood as a part of the spiritual care in nursing. Focus is ritual acts in connection with death at a hospice, e.g. seeing the deceased and preparation of the deceased.
    A hermeneutic phenomenological method is employed. Five qualitative interviews are conducted with the next-of-kin to deceased persons. There are three general themes: using rituals to bid farewell; the importance of having sufficient time; and knowing that help is there. The themes are discussed in the light of Stifoss- Hanssen’s theory concerning the significance of rituals and Travelbee’s existential perspective on nursing, and other relevant scientific studies and theories.
    It is concluded that the next-of-kin make use of traditional and personal rituals. Social, Psychological and spiritual significance are interwoven. There are individual wishes and needs related to the rituals, and varying significance is attributed. The nurse’s capacity to identify with those involved, her professional expertise and presence are of significance to the extent to which the rituals are experienced as meaningful.
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    StatusUdgivet - 2017
    BegivenhedSpiritual Care - a ressource in Nursing: 8 th International Nursing and Midwifery Student Conference in Spiritual Care - Diakonissestiftelsen, Copenhagen, Danmark
    Varighed: 21 sep. 201722 sep. 2017


    KonferenceSpiritual Care - a ressource in Nursing


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