Value Chains and Business Models in the Audiovisual Sector of the North and Central Denmark Regions

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Digitisation has brought about new opportunities for media content-producers. This challenges traditional value chains in the sector and puts emphasis on the development of new business models for a digital world. First Motion is a Cross Media EU project for the Baltic Sea Region. The aim of the project is funding new
formats and ideas; developing a new distribution platform, developing training and education courses, and improving clusters and policy guidelines. An important part of First Motion is researching new markets and value chains.
This research has been conducted within the framework of the Baltic Sea Region programme First Motion 2007-2013 and initiated by Filmby Aarhus and The Alexandra Institute1, Danish regional First Motion partners, represented
by Mette Elmgaard and Kristian Krämer. The research was executed and the report drafted from June 13th to July 22nd 2011 by Lisbeth Mathiesen. Thanks to Sebastian Holmgaard Christophersen for providing the layout, to Kristian Bang Nørgaard from Shareplay for great input and a special thanks to the companies, who shared their thoughts and experiences.
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StatusUdgivet - 22 sep. 2011
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