Hvilken betydning har kompetenceudvikling for den specialpædagogiske praksis i specialklasser?

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The study enrolls in the knowledge field that is investigating competence development of pedagogical staff and their effects. Timperley [3] found evidence that much professional development has not had the desired effect and that many teachers have not been able to see the meaning of it.
In this paper we are focusing on the significance of teachers´ and social educators´ capacity building for practice in special classes and special schools. The aim of study is to generate new knowledge about how common capacity building contributes to creating practice development in special classes and special schools. An additional aim of the project is to point out which factors, the professionals experience as respectively promoting and inhibiting the process.
The empirical point of departure is a capacity-building program in the City of Aarhus, DK. The expected outcome of the program is to increase the number of pupils who pass the Leaving Examination of the Folkeskole, increased transition to upper secondary education and a strengthened evaluation culture in the schools.
The capacity-building program focus on academic skills based on the international school effectiveness research on “Visible learning” [5], Growth mindset[3] and Co-teaching[4] witch doesn´t apply to the way of teaching that are preferred by teachers in special education. The pedagogy values and didactic in special education are based on a social-psychological approach, where the focus is on the pupils wellbeing
Bidragets oversatte titelHvilken betydning har kompetenceudvikling for den specialpædagogiske praksis i specialklasser?
Publikationsdato9 dec. 2019
StatusIkke-udgivet - 9 dec. 2019
BegivenhedWorld Congress on Special Needs Education - London, Storbritannien
Varighed: 9 dec. 201911 dec. 2019
Konferencens nummer: 2019


KonferenceWorld Congress on Special Needs Education


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