When classroom becomes school

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Nursing education is at a significant moment. Profound changes in health care systems, in technology, and in science challenge not only the nursing profession, but also today’s nursing education. Benner et al. (2010) suggest that redesigning nursing education is an urgent societal agenda and raises questions on how both teaching and student learning more effectively can prepare nursing students to enter a complex health care system and practice. Critique of newly educated nurses not prepared for the task, has over decades pushed forwards reforms in the nursing education throughout Europe (Spitzer & Perrenoud, 2006). In Denmark alone changes have been made numerously times in the last two decades. Concurrently, a considerable amount of studies has been published focusing on the nursing education, stressing a call for transformation. Division of learning contexts into clinical and classroom settings is a strong marker of the nursing education and has as such also been of interest for research. There is a large number of studies (e.g. Larsen, 2000; Johnsen, 2003; Kragelund, 2006; Voigt, 2007; Henriksen, 2009; Højbjerg, 2011) that explore the learning contexts in the nursing education. However, most of the studies primarily focus on the clinical learning context. Based upon educational ethnographic studies following nursing students in and out of both learning contexts (Noer, 2016) and by drawing on concepts of formation (Benner, 2011), learning strategies (Borgnakke, 2008) and positioning strategies (Christensen, 2013), this presentation will focus on ‘what’s happening in the classroom’ when classroom is ‘school’ among fellow students opposed to ‘real nursing practice’ among future colleagues. Focusing on student strategies in the classroom, the presentation will further elaborate on the inherent conflicts and consequences of an education sharp divided by location and influenced by high pace and hectic bustle, in the classroom as well as the clinical setting (Noer, 2016; Nielsen & Noer, 2016).
Publikationsdato25 aug. 2017
StatusUdgivet - 25 aug. 2017
BegivenhedECER 2017: Reforming Education and the Imperative of Constant Change: Ambivalent roles of policy and educational research - København, Danmark
Varighed: 22 aug. 201725 aug. 2017


KonferenceECER 2017


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