Yummy Mummy: the ideal of not looking like a mother

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Background While most women report adapting positively to body changes experienced during pregnancy, the post partum period is sometimes associated with body dissatisfaction. One group of women that might be particularly at risk for decreases in satisfaction of their body image are first time mothers, as their bodies go through immense changes during pregnancy and the postpartum period. The aim of this study is therefore to explore Danish first time mothers' body image. Methods Data collection was done during summer 2016. Eleven in-depth-interviews with Danish first time mothers with children aged 4-10 months were conducted. We used an interview guide with four domains: 1) bodily changes and functional level 2) inter-relational aspects of body identity 3) female body ideals and beauty 4) the healthy body. Interviews were audio-recorded and transcribed verbatim. Data analyses focus on interrelational aspects of body identity and ideals inspired by the anthropologists Margaret Lock and Nancy Scheper-Hughes, who describe the body in three perspectives: the individual body, the social body, and the body politic. Results Data analysis is ongoing and firmly led by our empirical data, but also informed by our preconceptions and theoretical frame. Preliminary findings suggest bodily changes to be of significant concern to mothers. However, even though expectations to the appearance of a new mothers' body seem sharp and explicit in for example glossy magazines and social media, only few have shared reflections with friends and even less have shared them with health care professionals. Furthermore, ambivalence in different forms related to body image seem apparent: "I do not care much for training, but you do need to get into shape again before going back to work - you do not want to look like if you have just given birth" (W1). Conclusion As it is work in progress there are no finishing conclusion yet, but at the time of the conference results and interpretations will be revealed.
Publikationsdato21 mar. 2018
StatusUdgivet - 21 mar. 2018
Begivenhed7th In Sickness and In Health conference: Technologies, bodies and health care - The University of Tasmania, Sydney Campus (Rozelle), Sydney, Australien
Varighed: 7 jun. 20189 jun. 2018


Konference7th In Sickness and In Health conference
LokationThe University of Tasmania, Sydney Campus (Rozelle)