ICN 25th Quadrennial Congress

  • Vibeke Lorentzen (Speaker)

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Obese children and their families – barriers and opportunities for change

Presenters: Maria Brinck Krog, senior nurse, RN, MHH; Marianne Eg, clinical nursing specialist, RN, MscN; Vicki Dyeremose, pediatric nurse, RN, stud. MscN; Linda Lindholm, student of nursing; Jens Jensen, student of nursing; Vibeke Lorentzen, associate professor, RN, DipN, MscN, PhD.
During the last two decades, childhood obesity in Europe has increased threefold. The evidence shows that obesity is a complex issue which has serious health and social consequences for many of the children affected. Physiological as well as psychological and social factors play a role, and a great number of projects and initiatives (many of which are of limited duration) have been launched to help such children lose weight. These have been relatively unsuccessful because after a certain period of time the children return to their habitual life patterns.
We focus on this issue with a view to identifying opportunities and barriers with regard to changing the lifestyle of obese children and achieving permanent weight loss. We present a range of projects dealing with obese children and their families, based on unique collaboration involving educational institutions, hospitals, municipalities, sports clubs and research centres.

1st presentation: Severely overweight children and dietary changes – a family perspective.
2nd presentation: The (negative) attitudes of nurses to overweight children and their families.
3rd presentation: Chubby and Healthy, a project focusing on the practical tasks involved in changing behaviour and resisting temptation.
4th presentation: Student participation in projects and spin-off.
5th presentation: Significant factors in achieving sustained weight loss in the treatment of children with obesity.

Period19 May 2013
Event titleICN 25th Quadrennial Congress: Eqity and Access to Health Care
Event typeConference
Conference number25
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