Research Methods 2

  • Ann Hartl (Teacher)

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Learning outcome: LEARNING OUTCOMES
The objective of this course is to obtain knowledge about:
• Philosophies of research alongside with a more in depth introduction to quantitative and qualitative research methods.
•In particular focus will be put upon case study research, introducing various types of case studies and elements relevant for a case study.
•Further emphasis will be put on the study of information search in terms of utilisation of internet and library resources, including relevant choices for secondary data sources.
The objective of this course is to acquire skills to:
•Utilize this knowledge in the production of a research paper or report, i.e. to introduce the importance of well-defined research questions and how to plan research methods accordingly.
•Conduct primary data collection and analyse the collected data in an appropriate manner.
Upon completion of this course the student should be competent to:
•Work academically with a proposed project and more specifically to conduct market research relevant for an organisation within the leisure industries.
Teaching and working methods: Forelæsninger, øvelser og gruppearbejde.
Motivation for the choice of teaching and working methods: Teoriindlæring, anvendelsesorientering mod marketingfaget.


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