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  • Lone Oest (Project manager)

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The aim of the project HEALTHentrepreneurship is to strengthen education in entrepreneurship for students at university colleges in health education. The project will develop and implement courses in entrepreneurship as new elective courses at the University. The project will reinforce cooperation between educational institutions in the region and local businesses to develop the entrepreneurial skills i.e. legal and financial aspects of setting up a business of the students enrolled.

To achieve these ambitious targets, six courses will be developed and tested. Two courses have been conducted with a total enrolment of 41 students in two locations, and the course is expected to reach 100 students in total. The courses will incorporate practical case work applying case studies in commercial enterprises relating to entrepreneurship in the health sector. In the process, the students will strengthen their business understanding and will be introduced to marketing strategies, finance, revenue and cash flow budgets, etc. University College Syd is the focal point for education of health workers (Physical Therapy, Nutrition and social workers) in Southern Denmark. Business support environments in Haderslev Business Council, will be used to develop case studies for the course. The sustainability of the project will be ensured by creating ownership in local business environments, creation of new SMEs in healthcare and health promotion, and developing and maintaining the course as an elective at the University College

The expected results are mainly related to the number of students that complete the elective course, competences and skills gained in the course and number of startups resulting directly from the course. Several new start-ups and concepts have already been generated i.e. health lunch box for lorry drivers and lifestyle counselling for staff and patients in rehabilitation homes. The project is currently at the halfway mark, and it is expected that 100 students will have enrolled in and completed the course during the project, even though the project was delayed in starting. The project has also generated unintended impacts such as contributing to employment of health professionals in larger private enterprises. It is expected that the project will generate approximately 25 new enterprises (self-employed health professionals). The results of a recent mid-term evaluation of the results shows the following:
•40 health profession students have completed the elective course on entrepreneurship (40 % of goal of 100 students)
•40 students have improved their competencies in entrepreneurship upon completion of the course (approx.44 % of goal of 91 students)
• 7 participants have established their own enterprise upon completion of the course (approx. 30% of goal of 24 new enterprises)
Period18 Mar 201630 Jun 2019
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