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My research is within the areas employee communication, innovation communication, internal social media, organizational listening, organizational socialization, and digital collaboration. Rooted within this theoretical field, I have investigated corporate initiatives in private and public companies and organizations. My studies are based on qualitative data (written material, interviews, conversations, netnographic observations) combined with thematic, discourse and dialogue analysis.

I teach the topics marketing, change management, communication, crowdsourcing and online idea generation.

Work areas

Primary work areas:
Marketing, Change Management, Communication, Crowdsourcing, Idea Generation: teaching and supervision

Other work areas:

F&U Center for Kreative Erhverv og Professioner: Project Employee Ideation and Internal Social Media

F&U Center for Virksomheders Globalisering: Project Global Virtual Teams and social media


  • information and communication technologies and e-learning
  • marketing
  • project management
  • communication


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