1st Green Code Lab International Ecodesign Software Challenge

Project Details


The area of Green IT is becoming increasingly important in research and development and in industry. Speaking very broadly, Green IT is about designing, manufacturing, using, and disposing of IT systems with as little impact on the environment as possible. A subarea of this is about designing software in a way that lowers power consumption, and it is this aspect that is the topic of the “EcoDesign Software Challenge”.

Study Green Software Patterns and apply the gained knowledge in re-engineering an existing open source program. Besides that participants will also get international experience.
The program should be re-engineered according to best practice for software architecture and efficient usage of energy and resources (“Software EcoDesign”).

The challenge has two parts: a preparation period and a closing event.
The closing event will be a 48 hours non-stop on-line session using video conference to link the participating sites. During this session the software is going to uploaded, tested and evaluated. And winners will be found.
In the preparation period the subject is studied and 1 month before the closing event the topic/project for the closing event will be given to all teams.
Effective start/end date31/10/1329/11/13


  • programming