3D print of Soft Materials. From Macromolecules to the Computational fluid dynamics

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The purpose of this project is to establish the physical mechanisms of, and
computationally to be able to predict the actual surface development in 3D printing of thermoplastics. It involves the extrusion process delivering the thermoplastic wire to the 3D printer, the 3D print nozzle, and the layer by layer formation of the 3D print. The technical use is the evaluation of the processability of materials, microscopic shape and strength. A final product geometry can be evaluating using a subsequent thermo-mechanical analysis based on the microscopic input. As polymers are nano-structured liquids, it is crucial for the success of the project to develop a consistent description of the dynamic of the polymer melt flow with strong thermal effects [19]. We expect to apply integral constitutive equation of the molecular stress function type [11], and the pseudo time principle for the thermal effect [19]. Computationally the 3D Lagrangian FEM [30] will be the basis for numerical calculations.
Effective start/end date01/01/19 → 31/12/21


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