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The Agile EDU project aims to identify key success factors for supporting the implementation at scale of digital education ecosystems that enable inclusive and high-quality digital education. The consortium comprises European Schoolnet (coordinator) and partners from Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, France and Slovenia. The project aims to establish a European learning community engaged in dialogue and collaboration on digital ecosystem governance, to develop relevant organisational and individual capacity and to formulate recommendations to improve digital strategies through agile transformation of education systems. The project uses agile transformation methodology involving cycles of feedback and improvement of tasks to maximize the quality, usability and sustainability of project results. The spiral of agile transformation in the project includes three iterations of a survey of ministries and national agencies, four iterations of expert validation workshops, four rounds of Country Dialogue Labs involving the main stakeholders and three rounds of EU Dialogue Labs. In each iteration, case studies, learning stories, recommendations and training resources are improved, enriched and validated to ensure that final results are usable in different education contexts and countries. The use of data for learning is at the core of the project and questions such as the following are addressed: For what purposes are data collected and do they in fact serve those purposes? Which data are needed to lead to action? (pedagogical issue); Which actions are needed to keep data safe? How to guard against plagiarism and cheating in student assignments and grade tests? (trust and data security issue). Who owns the data, how are data stored and who should have access to data? (data ownership issue). Do teachers and parents need to be able to see everything a student has done online? Which rules should govern the use of Artificial Intelligence in schools? (data ethics issue).

Layman's description

AGILE EDU undersøger, udvikler og dokumenter viden om digitale økosystemer, der understøtter inkluderende digital uddannelse i grundskolen. Projektet udvikler cases og 'learning-studies', der involverer en række digitale aspekter i læreprocesser i forhold til assessment, etik & inklusion. I Danmark vil vi især have fokus på digital vurdering af kreative og legende læreprocesser, der understøtter inklusion og deltagelse.

Key findings

Systematisk review, case-studier, 'learning stories', expert validation, dialogue labs
Effective start/end date01/01/2331/12/25

Collaborative partners

  • European Schoolnet (lead)