Animated Learning - Mini Cairo 3, workshops for Egyptiske børn og unge

Project Details


Projektet består af en uge med forskellige workshops for Egyptiske børn og unge i Cairo, under paraply projektet Mini-Cairo 3. Projektets formål er at oplyse børn og unge om uddannelse og erhverv, samt give dem gode og positive oplevelser. Projektet bygger på erfaringer fra Mini-Munich, et tysk hovedprojekt, og Mini-Cairo 3 er den tredje gentagelse. Projektet er arrangeret i samarbejde mellem Dansk Egyptisk Dialog Initiativ (DK), The Animation Workshop, VIA University College (DK), Kultur & Spielraum, (DE), München Kommune - Kulturafdelingen, Nahda - Forening for videnskabelig og kulturel oplysning (ET) og Animation School Jesuit Cairo, (ET). The Animation Workshop, VIA University College's ansvar er levering af læringsworkshops i film og animation, med udgangspunkt i erfaringer og undervisningsmodeller fra afdelingen Animated Learning Lab.Til at repræsentere Animated Learning Lab, havde The Animation Workshop hyret 2 pædagogiske undervisningskonsulenter Tina Klemmensen og Han Pham til at varetage udvikling og afholdelse af workshops.

Short description of the project: 

For the period of one full week, a small, model-likefilm city will be set up in which children have the opportunity to get to knowand engage in different activities in the field of media and film production.They can also develop and realize their own visual media projects and canpresent them to an audience of the same age group. The different activitieswill be structured into different workshops that will be separated spatiallyand will be running continuously throughout the week. Participating children ofdifferent ages can thus choose in which activities they prefer to participateand can contribute to different projects with their own experiences andspecific capabilities. 

Central to the visual media work will be thecollaboration with adult media artists and the professional and pedagogicexpertise of the adults who will be leading the different workshops. Thepedagogical concept of the Children’s Film City is strongly influenced by theplay city concept. 3  media artists from the Jesuit Animation FilmSchool in Cairo have been invited by the City of Munich to join the play cityMini Munich for the period of 4 weeks in August 2016 and have led the filmstudios of the play city in collaboration with artists from Germany, Spain andthe Check Republic. In September 2017, during the first Mini-Cairo film-city,two film artists from Germany and one staff member of Kultur & Spielraume.V. joined the Jesuit Animation Film School team in the preparation,implementation and follow-up of the project in Cairo. 


Project Objectives:

- Children get an introduction to means of mediaproduction and know-how in order to realize their own small visual media projects– in co-production with media artists from Egypt and Germany

- Children are encouraged to use media actively,rather than just using it in a receptive or consumptive manner, as it usuallythe case in their private environment

- Through the open pedagogical concept, children areenabled to find their own, personal access to different visual media techniquesand production processes

- Children make their first critical experiences withmedia and complement their knowledge about the creation of different visualmedia productions 

- A shared public space for media production that isrelevant to children emerges; children are enabled to exchange between them,but can also communicate their topics to adult artists and a broader audience(especially the final film screening will be opened up to the broader public)

- Media products made by children in other countriescan be used for discussion, can provide inputs and ideas that can then beadapted and taken further

- The exchange between participating media artistsfrom Cairo and Munich and Denmark emerges from joint project work and the jointconceptualization and implementation of art work and film projects – differentexperiences of pedagogic and artistic work in fundamentally different contextswith enrich the overall quality of the project and will allow for highlyvaluable learning experiences for all involved adult artists and participatingchild

Project Components: 

- Film studio(s) and offices  – animation, documentation, feature film 

- Dancing and singing academies 

- Daily newspaper / magazine

- Script writing / storyboard workshop

- Cinema and “forum” for daily decision making anddaily film screening

- Canteen (lunch, snacks and drinks)

- Costume design and Make-up Studio 

- Environment & Recycling workshop 

- Gardening workshops 

- Acting studio/ workshop

- Printing / advertising studio

- Green screen workshop, theatre- and film-setworkshop

- Open-air artistic workshop for marionettes, stagesets or larger sculptures or props for both animation and fiction

Layman's description

Projekt om læring, film og animation i Cairo, Egypten

Key findings

200 elever igennem animation og film workshops på 6 dage.
Short titleMiniCairo3
Effective start/end date01/05/1931/12/19


  • aesthetics, design and media