Attachment through generations – when adult daughters of alcoholics become mothers.

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It is estimated that 122.000 children in Denmark grow up with alcoholic parents. Extensive research has shown that growing up with an alcoholic parent has damaging effects lasting way beyond childhood, and that adult children of alcoholics are more likely to experience low self-esteem, relational and attachment difficulties, and challenges when they become parents themselves. Today, adult daughters of alcoholics form an ‘invisible’ vulnerable group in antenatal care, because they remain unidentified if they do not suffer any socio-economic difficulties, have no history of psychological health problems and have no substance abuse themselves.The study aims to examine and understand the connection between the attachment style of adult daughters of alcoholics and their parental representations and reflective functioning during pregnancy in order to identify these ‘invisible’ vulnerable women and establish antenatal support. Given that pregnancy is a window of opportunity for intervention, the knowledge provided by the study will enable midwifes to positively affect both the mother to be and the expected child by supporting their emotional bond.
Effective start/end date01/09/1531/12/19


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