- international vidensrejse om læringsteknologi og didaktisk udvikling

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Every January, UCL University College Denmark organizes a study tour to the BettShow in London. The study tour is called, as it serves the purpose to bring educators, suppliers and policy makers together in the grand scheme of the worlds strongest education and technology exhibition:

Visit the BettShow’s international exhibition and conference center at the Excel Centre with our topic-guides.

Stay up to date on developments in learning technology, experience new and emerging technologies, listen to inspirational talks by world-leading experts on education. Connect with the small and large suppliers of technology in education.
The BettShow is organized by The Hyve Group. See the list of presenters, fascinating opportunities and more on

Join in discussions across events in London and enjoy the keynotes on the changing social conditions for educational practice in the digital 21st century.

We welcome international participants, eager to collaborate with our Danish delegation travelling to the BettShow.

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Deltagelse i Bett.DK sikrer kvalificeret beslutningsgrundlag og inspirationskilde for undervisning, skole og uddannelse i den danske uddannelsessektor med særlig vægtning af læringsteknologier udstillet på
Sekundært udbytte er befordring af tvær-institutionelt og tvær-sektorielt samarbejde på uddannelsesområdet.
Effective start/end date01/09/1901/02/24


  • education, professions and jobs


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