Biofilm in Drinking Water Distribution Systems

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    In this project researchers from the research group on Energy and the Environment will examine the composition and the development of existing biofilm in supplying drinking water systems as well as how this will affect the general drinking water quality. The project will, in contrast to earlier projects consider biofilm in drinking water systems are being supplied as a strength rather than something to be controlled. The purpose of the project is to investigate and understand the formation of biofilm in drinking water systems on the basis of field and laboratory tests of the formation of biofilm based on a range of parameters as well as the bacteriological diversity. Also, the project aims to develop a sensor for measuring of biofilm. Knowledge of the project will in the long term could result in reducing the time from commissioning to the actual commissioning of new and/or refurbished supplying drinking water systems (minimizing in period).
    Effective start/end date01/08/1531/10/18

    Collaborative partners

    • VIA (lead)
    • Grundfos A/S (Project partner)
    • Aarhus Vand A/S (Project partner)


    • environmental management
    • engineer
    • biofilm


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