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C-MIF is an annual trade meeting held in conjunction with the Viborg Animation Festival. In 2019, the focus of C-MIF is on networking and knowledge sharing between producers, production companies and animation companies with the intention of strengthening possibilities for co-production of animated TV series and films.

The meeting, held in cooperation with KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency), will include 5-10 producers from Denmark, five producers from South Korea (2019’s guest nation), and a number of selected international guests from previous C-MIFs along with select participants from VAF’s and TAW’s networks.

The primary goal for C-MIF 2019 is to explore and identify possibilities for co-productions between Denmark and South Korea. At the same time, C-MIF gave participants new inspiration, industry insights and market relationships, and help build Denmark’s brand as a global animation hotspot.

Layman's description

Business conference for producers, production and animation companies.

Key findings

C-MIF 2019 was held on Friday, September 27th, and include keynotes and presentations that zoom in on the creative media industry from a business and co-production perspective. The day’s events will feature relevant industry representatives, facilitated networking sessions and a session with pitches from among others, ANIDOX, NiNoKo and a number of select concept developers, animators and others from the digital visual industry.

C-MIF was hosted jointly between the animation industry cluster Arsenalet, The Animation Workshop, Viborg Animation Festival and KOCCA (the Korea Creative Content Agency) in collaboration with Innovation Centre Denmark.
Effective start/end date27/09/1927/09/19


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