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The need for online teaching during the Covid-19 shutdowns has shown the need for didactic exploration of teaching methods that include online teaching.

In the research field Design of Online and Hybrid Learning Environments, we focus on learning processes and teaching with digital resources and technologies. This applies, for example in relation to attendance teaching as well as network and hybrid teaching methods. The research contributes to the development and qualification of digital learning resources and teaching practices that incorporate digital technologies. It can e.g. be the learning environment in primary school, vocational education, and continuing and further education.

The research in the field is centered around:
- Learning Design Methodologies
- Blended teaching,
- Flipped learning and flipped classroom
- Hybrid and HyFlex teaching,
- Microlearning / Microcredentials
Effective start/end date01/02/2230/06/25


  • learning, educational science and teaching


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