Developing Early Foreign Language Learning and Teaching in the Nordic/Baltic Context

  • Butzbach Andersen, Nina (Co-researcher)
  • Dahl Jensen, Rikke (Co-researcher)
  • Lindschouw, Jan (Co-researcher)
  • Bulajeva, Tatjana (Co-researcher)
  • Jakutaviciute Ricciardi, Rasa (Co-researcher)
  • Arneson, Ingrid (Co-researcher)
  • Bjørke, Camilla (Co-researcher)
  • Grønn, Berit (Co-researcher)
  • Lindeman, Beate (Co-researcher)
  • Sandvær, Anette (Co-researcher)
  • Speitz, Heike (Co-researcher)
  • Enever, Janet (Co-researcher)
  • Härgestam, Miriam (Co-researcher)
  • Lindgren, Eva (Co-researcher)
  • Sandstom, Karyn (Co-researcher)
  • Rimmevik, Sofi (Co-researcher)
  • Søgaard, Karoline Emilie (Co-researcher)
  • Thomsen, Hanne (Co-researcher)
  • von Holst-Pedersen, Jette (Co-researcher)
  • Meidell Sigsgaard, Anna-Vera (Principle researcher)
  • Gregersen, Annette Søndergaard (Co-researcher)
  • Gregersen, Anne (Principle researcher)
  • Daryai-Hansen, Petra (Principle researcher)


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