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DIGI LIVES gathers research, public and private organisations from Denmark, France, Latvia and Italy in a consortium who will take on a new, innovative digital approach towards inclusion and diversity to prevent student dropout, including newly started students during covid-19 lockdown as well as those at risk of drop out before the pandemic lockdown. In this project the three participating VET institutions from Denmark, France and Italy all have immanent needs to strengthening inclusion and diversity among students at study start and prevent dropout, which is a problem that all three organisations struggle with.
The project’s main objective is to develop an innovative digital toolbox with a focus on study start, providing an online space for 16-24 yr. old students including students at the risk of dropping out of education to help them remain in education/ training, to acquire unformal qualifications as well as to integrate into education structures and to assist with socialization and life-coping skills building an inclusive, diverse social and educational school climate.

Key findings

inclusion, diversity, dropout, co-creation
Effective start/end date01/02/2231/01/24


  • learning, educational science and teaching


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