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The program for Digital Didactical Design has been preoccupied with didactics and design of learning courses and processes in relation to the aspect of teaching in which digital resources and technologies are applied. This can be in in-person teaching as well as the virtual learning space. Through project activities, we are interested in generating knowledge about how different learning designs can contribute to and facilitate learning processes for participants.

The reason behind focusing on didactical design rather that didactics is that there is an emphasized focus on the process dimension shaped via iteration and creativity. Didactical design can be seen as a process-design for learning. Design is more routinely involved in planning and shaping as well as having a larger creative potential in the configuration of emerging didactical interaction, supporting complex learning.

We focus on the digital perspective of learning designs and the incorporation of technology in teaching practices but we are also focused on how these interact and are used. We are focused on the roles and relations within the design process and the development of digitally didactical designs. Further, we are curious about the terms design and didactics and their overlaps. Our work surrounds the following questions and empirical investigations:
1) competence development and learning designs- How can we support teachers methodically in their work and in the development of their teaching practice via digital didactical changes of practice and design?
2) Which role does technological literacy play in digital designs?
3) How much a participant's reflective view of technology mean/impact?
4) Theoretical perspectives and framework for studying learning design, projects and activities
5) new thinking in practices in relation to incorporating technology in practice e.g. how does changes in learning design promote challenging the system?
6) Seeing oneself as a teacher through mediation- how does this impact teaching and performance?

Keywords: læringsdesign, digitale læringsressourcer, virtuelle læringsrum, teknologiforståelse og kompetenceudvikling.

Specifically, we are currently working based on 3 individual cases in which we examine how different forms of support for the teachers' teaching practices can contribute to the development of a model for learning designs, creating space for development, an opportunity for trial and error and an evaluation of a digital didactical design. At the same time, a change in the teachers' thinking and practice occurs via the integration of IT. Based on the 3 cases, the degree to which teachers are scaffolded in the development of their practice and how they integrate technology with the aim to develop a model for learning designs is explained.
Effective start/end date01/01/1731/01/18


  • research
  • learning
  • skill development
  • blended learning
  • virtual learning
  • action research
  • didactics


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