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The general digitalisation of society actualizes understanding, competencies, and knowledge about the impact of digital technologies on our work and private life. It calls for educational institutions to train graduates so that they act digitally mature in their future practice.

In the research field Understanding Digital Technology, we focus on the establishment of technology understanding as a new subject area in professional educations and professions. We thus focus on the digital aspects of professionalism. Understanding Digital Technology as a subject area stands on the shoulders of various existing subject traditions such as computer science, design and design processes, and philosophy of technology. In the coupling of the existing disciplines, a translation and selection work is necessary so that a rewarding interaction with the professional disciplines arises.

The work of the research field is centered on the following fields of interest / perspectives:

- Teaching professionals who already focus on technology understanding
- The meeting between technology understanding and the existing professions
- Technology understanding in practice
- Technology understanding didactics and pedagogy
Effective start/end date01/02/2226/06/25


  • education, professions and jobs


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