Project Details


In recognition of the fact that skilled tradespeople are crucial for socio-economic development, and coupled with the shortage of highly able workers in the field of plumbing in Bhutan, The Animation Workshop, VIA UC with Fablab Institute Bhutan and supporting partners Mercantec Technical College (DK), The Bhutan Ministry of Labor and Human Resources aim to develop and integrate a program for teaching plumbing students and professionals through a systematic approach including the following steps:

- Analysis and development of Bhutan’s Plumbing training curriculum
- Development of integrated didactic plumbing materials
- Development of physical plumbing training labs
- Development of VR based laboratories for plumbing training
- Development of Bhutanese students skills in animation and VR based technologies
Effective start/end date01/01/2031/12/22


  • aesthetics, design and media
  • VR
  • applied animation
  • plumbing