Experiences with online teaching at 10 higher education institutions in the spring of 2020

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The aim of this project is to gain broad and solid knowledge about a series of central questions that will shed light on experiences from the period of online teaching during Covid-19. This will provide a foundation for the development of the institutions and respective educations. The investigation is organized through a collaborative effort with 10 institutions, both vocational and university within a many different educations and domains.

The central research questions are: 1) Which variation of digitally supported didactical practices has been established across institutions and professional/vocational/educational domains? 2) How do the students experience the different practices and what do these mean to different students e..g in relation to the learning output, learning strategies and mastery experiences? 3) How do teachers experience the different practices and what do these mean for different teachers, for their relation to the students and their experience of professional satisfaction= 4) How do the digitally supported practices affect the collaboration between students and the collaboration between students and teachers?

The results of the project contribute to the development of the institutions and educations, in relation to both online and blended learning designs and use of digital elements and tools in campus based 'present' or 'in person' teaching practices.
Short titleOnline experience during Covid-19
Effective start/end date15/05/2031/12/20

Collaborative partners

  • University College of Nothern Denmark (Project partner) (lead)
  • University College Absalon (Project partner)
  • Danish School of Media and Journalism (Project partner)
  • University of Southern Denmark (Project partner)
  • Aalborg University (Project partner)
  • Roskilde University (Project partner)
  • Aarhus University (Project partner)
  • UCL University College (Project partner)
  • University College South Denmark (Project partner)
  • VIA


  • e-learning
  • educational Technology
  • virtual learning


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  • Erfaringer og oplevelser med online undervisning på 9 videregående uddannelsesinstitutioner i foråret 2020

    Translated title of the contribution: Experiences with online teaching in 9 further education institutions in spring 2020Georgsen, M. (Editor), Qvortrup, A. (Editor), Buus, L. (Other), Andersen, I. S. K. (Other), Asmussen, I. S. (Other), Bak, C. K. (Other), Dalsgaard, C. (Other), Geisnæs, D. (Other), Graf, S. T. (Other), Gundersen, P. (Other), Gynther, K. (Other), Helverskov Horn, L. (Other), Tapdrup Jensen, S. (Other), Jørgensen, A. (Other), Jørnø, R. L. (Other), Kjærgaard, T. (Other), Konnerup, U. (Other), Knude Larsen, I. (Other), Larsen, S. (Other) & Lorentzen, R. F. (Other) & 15 others, Lyngsø, A. (Other), Marinos, N. (Other), Nielsen, S. (Other), Nortvig, A.-M. (Other), Dyhrberg O'Neill, L. (Other), Aagaard Pallesen, T. (Other), Petersson, M. (Other), Puck, M. R. (Other), Rasmussen, F. (Other), Riis, M. (Other), Ruge, D. (Other), Spejlborg Sejersen, T. (Other), Skovbjerg, A. (Other), Troelsen, R. (Other) & Svenstrup Sverregaard, J. (Other), Jan 2021, 175 p.

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