Establishment of the Nordic NCP NetworkEstablishment of the Nordic NCP Network

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VIA University College (DK), Uppsala University (SE), University of Oslo (NO), and University of Eastern Finland (FI) have received funding from Nordplus Higher Education to establish a Nordic NCP (Nutrition Care Process) Network for dietitians and Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) educating dietitians.
The network will help to implement, promote and qualify the adaptation of the American Nutrition Care Process and Model (NCPM) and the standardized language, the Nutrition Care Process Terminology (NCPT), to the Nordic countries. The NCPM is a systematic method and model of dietetic care. Implementing NCPM and NCPT can endorse consistency and reduce inequality in dietetic practice in the Nordic countries and qualify the dietetic care.
The aim of establishing a Nordic NCP Network is to promote, evaluate and qualify the integration and application of the NCPM and NCPT among dietitians and across the HEIs in the Nordic countries.
The objectives will be to promote the use of NCPM in all HEIs educating dietitians and support training and courses in NCPM and NCPT for educators, practical placement dietitians and established dietitians.
Founding this network is in line with the vision 2020 of the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD) that all HEIs include a nutrition care process model and a standardized terminology and that National Dietetic Associations (NDAs) encourage and facilitate dietitians to use the NCPM.
The network will consist of 2-3 representatives from the HEIs representing each country and representatives from the NDAs and established dietitians from clinical practice will be invited to participate as external partners.
Effective start/end date15/06/1601/10/17


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