Exploring outdoor play and activities for social and cultural sustainability in and across culture

Project Details


How children’s outdoor play and activities provide conditions for social and cultural sustainability within and across Norway, Denmark and China?
1) to identify conditions for children’s outdoor play and activities that promote learning and development of skills and knowledge related to sustainable lifestyles, and to the feeling of belonging to the place they live
2) to explore conditions and traditions in the way teachers, parents and children within and across different cultures view children’s being, becoming and belonging
3) to provide broader, wider and diverse perspectives for teachers and children to act locally and think/reflect globally

Layman's description

Hvordan kan man arbejde med social og kulturel bæredygtighed i børnehaven.

Key findings

1. General reporting of results for project reports
2. Visual materials for teacher education, teachers and children
3. Reporting research results through scientific and popular articles
Short titleSustainability in Kindergarten
Effective start/end date01/02/2231/01/24


  • learning, educational science and teaching
  • children and youth