Accompanying research for Project E - didactics. Further development of existing educational offers in the education of nurses at VIA

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The Program for Learning and IT has been asked to make an evaluation of Project E - test of didactics. Project E is focuses on the further development of already existing educational possibilities at VIA's Nurse Education where the existing tender is a net based nurse education. However, the expectations embrace a formalized and systematic development and further development of e-didactic competencies among teachers in both the campus-based tenders and in web-based nursing education.

In addition to evaluations, follow-up research is carried out, so that all evaluations and handling of these are related to the overall intention of developing and further developing the teachers' e-didactic competencies in the VIA Nursing education. The purpose of the follow-up project is thus twofold. First, an evaluation is made individually of the tests that are initiated by Project E. Second, an overall research perspective is applied to all the evaluation data collected, including the possible adjustments of Project E.

The research question: How are teachers supported in the process of planning online teaching, and including what the teachers experience that works and challenges them, respectively?
Effective start/end date01/08/2131/12/22


  • learning, educational science and teaching
  • e didactics
  • e pedagogy
  • kompetence development
  • online learning
  • online study activity
  • online guidance
  • research designs, theory and method
  • interviews
  • accompanying research
  • disease, health science and nursing
  • nurse education


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